Free Your Agency From the VMS Using Modern Healthcare Staffing Software


Historically, the healthcare staffing industry has been riddled with intermediaries. These intermediaries, such as the Vendor Management System (VMS), offer solutions but at the cost of agency independence. 

However, the dawn of intelligent healthcare staffing software is changing this landscape, allowing agencies to regain control and effectively cater to candidates and clients.

The Problem With Traditional VMS

The VMS might seem like a savior, especially for smaller staffing agencies. It provides them with job orders, eliminating the intense hustle of sourcing business directly. However, this comes at a substantial hidden cost. Agencies end up in a cycle of dependency, losing out on direct relationships with healthcare facilities. In this setting, the agencies don’t truly ‘own’ anything. They are at the mercy of the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that control the VMS.

Moreso, in a post-Covid era, the dynamics of healthcare staffing have shifted. While many agencies grew during the pandemic, we now see an inverse trend. Smaller agencies often find themselves with leftover job postings, which are neither premium nor in abundance. So, what should smaller agencies do to compete?

Hospital Staffing Solutions

Healthcare staffing is an industry where both speed and trust are essential. The most successful agencies have always struck a balance between leveraging cutting-edge technology and maintaining that invaluable personal touch. Central to this balance is the embrace of modern tech tools. These tools don’t just streamline processes — they open doors, allowing agencies to directly cater to the dynamic needs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The epitome of this solution? 

An ownable, private marketplace — Your Own Marketplace — a platform that levels the playing field with rich solutions that enable smaller agencies to compete directly with larger organizations. More than technology, these solutions offer a fresh approach to healthcare staffing where direct connections, transparency, and agility reign supreme. 

Empowerment Through the Direct Client Relationships

Traditional VMSs often acted as barriers, distancing healthcare facilities from staffing agencies. In such setups, agencies frequently operated with incomplete information, missing out on vital touchpoints. The new age of healthcare staffing hinges on fostering these direct relationships. 

With immediate communication channels, agencies can swiftly adapt to ever-changing healthcare needs. Modern healthcare staffing software acts as a conduit, facilitating frictionless interactions and ensuring agency and healthcare facility visions align. 

The result? A system where healthcare facilities can swiftly post positions, get matched, and approve suitable candidates, streamlining the entire process, especially during urgent situations like last-minute shift changes.

Intelligent Job Matching and Reduced Time to Fill

Advanced algorithms ensure that job matching isn’t just fast but also precise. The system evaluates nursing credentials and other parameters to find the best fit, ensuring both the candidate’s satisfaction and the healthcare provider’s needs are met. 

This speeds up the hiring process and significantly improves the quality of matches.

Self-Serve Portal and Enhanced Access to Recruiters

Healthcare providers gain significant advantages with the self-serve portal. It empowers them with more access to recruiters, streamlining the hiring process. 

The self-serve capability means healthcare facilities can instantly manage staffing needs without delays.

Continuous Compliance and Credentialing

Healthcare staffing is simplified with the right healthcare credentialing software. Automated daily primary source verification and easy access to nurse skills checklists make credentialing a breeze. This ensures that nurses meet the stringent requirements of healthcare providers.

Building a Private Talent Pool

One of the standout features of modern healthcare staffing software is its ability to help healthcare providers construct their contingent labor pool. It’s not just about immediate job openings — it’s about the long-term goals. 

When healthcare providers have recurring staffing needs, they can rely on their private talent pool. This ensures that when a position becomes available, it can be promptly matched with nurses who have already proven their mettle at the facility, effectively creating a seamless loop of trusted and proven professionals ready to step in.

Benefits for Candidates

The benefits for the nursing candidates — the frontline heroes — should be clear and compelling. 

  • Flexibility: Nurses enjoy the freedom to select their own shifts.
  • Choice: Personalized job notifications ensure nurses get job offers aligned with their preferences and skills.
  • Efficiency: Nurses can manage their credentials online.
  • Development: Access to online educational resources ensures continuous learning.
  • Convenience: Everything from shift information to support is available in one place.

Taking the Pain Out of Healthcare Staffing — A Brighter Future

Healthcare staffing doesn’t need to be complex. With the right healthcare staffing software and tools, agencies can regain their independence, build stronger relationships, and ensure growth in a post-pandemic world. By introducing features like ‘Your Own Marketplace,’ Praos isn’t just offering another tool; it’s heralding a revolution in healthcare staffing. This marketplace allows even smaller agencies to compete head-to-head with larger organizations.

It’s not merely filling job vacancies but also cultivating sustainable relationships based on trust, efficiency, and a shared commitment to quality healthcare delivery. Clients benefit immensely from the dedicated contingent pools they can flexibly manage, bypassing the inefficiencies of traditional VMS. 

With the power to self-serve from an agency’s vetted talent, healthcare facilities can make swift, confident hiring decisions. The result? A more extensive network, increased access to potential clients, and golden opportunities to secure coveted Tier-One job orders.

Are you feeling the weight of staffing challenges? Want a solution that understands your pain points and offers tangible results? 

Contact us today and explore a future where healthcare staffing is seamless, efficient, and empowering.

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