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future of nurse staffing with modern technology solutions

Imagine a world where a nurse can be contacted by a job poster and placed in less than a minute. Sound mind-blowing? Well, with the right technology — it can be a reality.

At Praos Health, 34 seconds after a nurse completed her Professional Briefcase, she was contacted with a job offer and accepted.

With all the advancements in the healthcare space, one thing remains true: there just aren’t enough nurses. The nurse staffing space is highly competitive, so candidates have the leverage. And what do they want? An easier, faster, more personalized experience. Technology can deliver that. So it’s natural that there’s been a rise in tech platforms serving professional healthcare staffing, threatening to leave staffing agencies behind. But it doesn’t have to be that way – agencies still play an important role so finding ways to elevate their operations is paramount.

Many technology providers offer solutions to meet the industry’s evolving demands. It’s a confusing landscape, but here are the top five features that can transform the candidate experience and deliver recruiter efficiencies to drive business growth.

Candidate-Centric Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives, and healthcare staffing is no exception. 

So what does it take to win candidates? Integrating mobile functionality into staffing platforms, enabling nurses to manage their schedules effortlessly. 

Technology helps to deliver the experience candidates are looking for, and being mobile-first is table stakes, especially since mobile phones now generate more than 60% of web traffic. Plus, an enjoyable mobile experience, combined with real-time visibility into a nurse’s availability and work hours, greatly aids staffing agencies in making accurate and efficient placements.

Instant Primary Source Credentialing

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and imagine, for a moment, that you’re a nurse looking for job placements. You know the importance of showcasing your qualifications, but you’re tired of repeatedly stating your credentials for every job. And you’re not the only one. Imagine the extent to which recruiters could better support candidates by removing the mundane tasks of manually verifying every license claim and returning the focus to the candidates themselves.

Enter Out-of-the-box automation in staffing platforms — automating the previously manual and often burdensome credentialing task. These instant primary source credentialing tools alert agencies and candidates of upcoming license expiration with weekly 30-, 60-, and 90-day updates. By integrating with APIs of nursing licensure databases, modern software can provide primary source verification of licenses, a crucial linchpin in the healthcare staffing space. 

On the recruiter side, agencies receive timely updates and reminders for credentialing. On the candidate side, nurses receive reminders and access to continued education courses to support keeping their licenses and certifications current.

An Efficient Scheduling Tool

An effective customer scheduling tool is indispensable for staffing agencies. It streamlines the recruitment process and considerably reduces the administrative burden for both recruiters and nurses.

How does it work traditionally? The agency accepts the job from the client, gives it to the recruiter, the recruiter posts the job, and then the candidate applies. Once the candidate applies, the recruiter must vet the candidate, put everything together, and send it to the job poster for approval. 

How does it work with modern tech? A nurse chooses a job that matches their preferences and submits it for approval. That submission goes to both the recruiter and the hospital because the applicant has already been verified through primary instant credentialing. What could take hours or days can be completed in less than a minute with an effective client and candidate three-view scheduling portal.

Intelligent Job Matching

Modern staffing technology provides a seamless profile-building experience for candidates who don’t want to waste time going through the same process each time they’re looking for a temp job. 

Through Praos Health’s proprietary software, it takes 18 minutes on average for a nurse to complete her briefcase. This is in stark contrast to joining multiple marketplaces, having to go through numerous recruiters, and looking for jobs time and time again. 

When a nurse builds their profile on the Professional Briefcase, it’s a one-stop-shop. They can set their preferences for location, type of role, days, and shifts they’d like to work — creating an easy, enjoyable experience for the candidate and the staffing agency. Not only does the Professional Briefcase allow for a stickier candidate experience, but it allows recruiters to focus on building relationships with candidates, responding to any issues, and answering candidate questions.

Algorithms enable staffing platforms to recommend job opportunities that best align with candidates’ preferences and qualifications. Job alerts create an inbound strategy where candidates raise their hands for positions vs. recruiters having to reach out. This enhances the likelihood of successful placements and ensures job matches that cater to candidates’ preferred positions — another example of technology returning the power to the nurses, relieving the recruiter of more manual work. 

Your Own Flexible, Visible Marketplace, Overnight

In an ever-competitive healthcare staffing agency, differentiating your agency has never been more critical. The dawn of novel technologies equips agencies with the necessary resources to create unique digital talent marketplaces, propelling them into the same league as their larger competitors.

Picture this: an overnight transformation leading to a bespoke, candidate-first job platform that mirrors your agency’s distinct needs and remains open to your candidates around the clock. The software provides a comprehensive talent market and hands over control, empowering smaller agencies to fill vacancies faster and more efficiently. It doesn’t just level the playing field but offers a competitive edge in delivering a truly personalized talent-matching experience.

Praos Health — The Future of Healthcare Staffing

The positive impact of technology in nurse staffing is tangible and far-reaching. During the COVID-19 pandemic, just one of our clients posted over 10,000 positions. Moreover, user-friendly interfaces allow nurses to complete their profiles in record time, enhancing efficiency across the board.

At Praos Health, a comprehensive platform focuses on providing a holistic suite of workforce services, placing the power back in the hands of the candidates and the staffing agencies. With its innovative features and candidate-centric approach, Praos Health is not just shaping the future of healthcare staffing; it’s leading the charge. 

Leveraging technology to overcome traditional barriers and make a more efficient, equitable, and candidate-centric experience enables us to help staffing agencies drive business growth. Reach out to our support team to discover what’s possible with Praos Health today.

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