8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Staffing Software Partner

8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Staffing Software Partner

Your staffing agency is expanding rapidly. The volume of candidates and client demands is steadily growing, and your manual, paper-heavy operations are struggling to keep up.

What’s your next move?

If you’ve done your due diligence, you already know it’s time to transition to a more automated system, especially as your competitors streamline their operations and significantly enhance their productivity by adopting modern staffing software. Yet, choosing a partner isn’t a decision to take lightly. 

Your goal should be to find a catalyst for growth — software that automates essential operations and plays a significant role in the candidate and client experience. Luckily, there are key questions to ask in your quest to uncover the perfect partner. Let’s get started.

1. What type of integrations do you offer?

In a modern digital ecosystem, software rarely operates in isolation. It’s crucial to ensure that your new healthcare staffing software can integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack, from applicant tracking systems (ATS) to payroll software. 

Ensuring bi-directional data exchange between these systems will reduce the risk of data entry errors and provide a more holistic, streamlined view of your operations. It also avoids introducing new manual tasks for your recruiters – the people whose time you are trying to save!

2. What problems does your software solve for?

The intent of this question is to understand how the software partner can meet your agency’s unique needs. What problem(s) are you trying to solve about your operation? Are you looking to automate specific tasks, enhance candidate engagement, or improve reporting capabilities? 

Whether managing candidate sourcing, streamlining the recruitment process, or enhancing communication between agencies and healthcare professionals, the software provider should offer solutions that deliver against your priorities. A well-suited partner should be able to solve your pressing issues and align with your growth trajectory.

3. Is your healthcare staffing solution holistic?

Healthcare staffing is no easy feat, so looking for a comprehensive, holistic solution is essential. The best nurse staffing software is capable of handling multiple tasks — from credentialing verification to efficient scheduling to transparent communication. 

A software solution that solves multiple problems saves you the hassle of managing numerous point solutions. Understanding the provider’s range of services gives insight into its potential to sustain your agency’s operations in the long run.

4. Is your healthcare staffing software desktop-first or mobile-first?

In an increasingly digital and mobile-driven world, having nurse staffing software that is equally efficient on both desktop and mobile platforms is a boon. This flexibility allows recruiters and candidates to access vital information on the go, enhancing productivity and creating a sticker candidate experience.

Confirming the cross-platform accessibility of the software ensures that your agency is keeping up with the modern, mobile-first approach.

5. What key metrics can your nurse staffing software impact?

The effectiveness of a healthcare staffing solution can often be measured by its ability to impact key operational metrics. This could range from time-to-fill rates, recruitment costs, and recruiter productivity to candidate satisfaction levels.

Knowing the key metrics a software partner targets will help you understand the potential ROI and how it can enhance your agency’s overall performance.

6. How does your platform address the candidate experience?

A candidate-centric approach is vital in modern healthcare staffing solutions. Successful medical credentialing software should offer a user-friendly experience — including features that simplify candidates’ job search and application process, promote engagement, and enhance their overall experience.

Understanding how the software puts the needs of candidates first allows you to assess its potential to attract and retain high-quality nursing talent, which, in turn, drives growth for your business.

7. Does your solution allow for efficient credentialing and compliance monitoring?

It’s no secret that managing credentialing and compliance can be a significant administrative burden. Software that automates these processes, like Praos Health’s solution, can save significant time and reduce risk.

Instant and continuous credentialing certification, alerts for approaching expiry dates, and automated compliance reports are features that can substantially ease this burden.

8. How does your software facilitate job matching and placement?

Intelligent job matching is a game-changing feature that automatically matches candidates to positions based on their skills, preferences, and other relevant factors. With today’s technology, it should be a standard offering in staffing software.

This feature not only saves time on everyone’s end but increases the chance of a successful placement and is an essential component that keeps candidates returning to your site.

Choosing the Right Staffing Partner for Your Agency’s Growth

As your staffing agency faces the challenges of rapid expansion and increasing demands, transitioning to an automated system becomes crucial for sustaining growth. The right staffing software partner will automate key operations and create a sticker candidate experience.

From intelligent job matching to instant primary source credentialing, you want to ensure your technology partner possesses the capabilities to meet your unique needs — both now and well into the future. 

Ready to enhance your automation, streamline your operations, and provide an exceptional candidate experience to stay ahead of your competition? Learn how Praos Health can help support and drive your agency’s growth by contacting our team

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