Sword + Shield

In today’s fast-paced healthcare staffing world, businesses constantly face the threat of staying competitive. Praos’ platform was built to be the sword and shield for healthcare staffing firms to compete and thrive in this competitive market.


With digital transformation as the only path forward, we safeguard your business from obsolescence by offering adaptable tech solutions so you can compete with the largest healthcare staffing agencies that currently dominate the market.

Keeping up with the competition is just one point of survival, in order to successfully outpace your competitors you need to be equipped with more than just a platform – you need a fully-compliant, tech-first platform and a mobile app to succeed.


In this competitive healthcare market, you must transform the recruitment process. We empower you to stand out and take the lead. Our customizable platform ensures you remain relevant amidst rapid changes, while also equipping you with the tools needed to secure deals and thrive amidst competition.

Vision for Success

What does it take to truly thrive and be successful?

As a 24-year staffing owner, I know the ins and outs of what it takes to succeed. It requires grit, humility, and unwavering drive for starters but you also need to understand your competition, the market gaps, and how you can not only fill in what’s missing, but make it better. And, we can’t talk about success without failure. I’ve built successful staffing and software companies by learning – including from my mistakes – and I’ve made a few.

It was through making a mistake in my staffing business that I founded Able (now Bullhorn Onboarding). I knew that if that platform would make my companies more efficient, it would do the same for others in the industry. Able grew from one customer, Talent Launch (my company) to over two hundred and fifty in four years.

My vision for Praos

Praos is a thesis I had 17 years ago when I saw a need in the market to level the playing field for hard working staffing firms to compete against a handful of technology platforms with massive financing. I believed that Praos would help healthcare staffing companies streamline recruiting, increase efficiency and provide a platform so companies that didn’t have millions to spend on technology could win based on their service and quality of their candidates.

I believe Praos is the best and only White-Label SaaS solution built for staffing firms by staffing experts. Praos’ mission is to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology so they can do what they do best, focus on people and relationships.

by Aaron Grossman, Praos Chairman

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