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Join the forefront of healthcare recruiting with Praos. Our healthcare staffing solutions automate credential management, streamline recruitment processes, and optimize candidate matching—ensuring faster top-tier placements every time.

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Praos (pronounced ‘Pray-Ohs’) revolutionizes healthcare staffing with cutting-edge recruitment automation solutions that empower agencies to streamline hiring processes and deliver top-notch placement experiences for candidates. We are reshaping the industry with our white-label platform and clinician-facing mobile app that automates job matching and license verification, significantly decreasing the time to source clinicians and have them actively staffed.

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Experience the power of our branded platform designed to fast-track your digital transformation and propel your success.

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Discover how Praos can reduce the time and effort to find and submit applicants with our next-gen healthcare staffing solutions. Calculate your potential savings today!

Recruitment Automation

Streamline Hiring Processes

Our private marketplace and global network empower you to create a curated pool of top-tier candidates while leveraging the Praos public marketplace for additional talent sourcing.

Personalized Management

Customized Candidate and Client Platforms

Tailor your recruitment experience with our custom-branded, self-serve platforms that allow candidates to manage profiles and preferences while clients seamlessly fill roles from the private pool.

Compliance Made Simple

Excellence in Credentialing Management

Speed up credentialing processes and mitigate compliance risks with real-time license verifications and expiration reminders for healthcare professionals to ensure seamless compliance management.

Optimal Flexibility

Adaptive Workforce Solutions

Experience ultimate flexibility with our integrated workforce management and scheduling tools that help improve fill rates by matching healthcare professionals with real-time job alerts.

Precision Matching

Intelligent Job Matching Technology

Our dynamic algorithms ensure that the right healthcare professionals are promptly alerted to open positions that perfectly align with their skills and preferences.

The Praos Health Platform

Game-Changing Recruitment Automation

Transform your healthcare recruitment with a platform that raises the bar for healthcare staffing solutions. Praos empowers recruiters with powerful tools and self-service features that blend human expertise with technology. Our solutions resonate with both clients and candidates so you can streamline recruitment automation and deploy qualified clinicians quickly.

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