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Transform recruitment with Praos staffing software for healthcare. Our innovative platform ensures a seamless experience for recruiters and candidates alike.

Praos Platform Essentials

Our healthcare staffing platform automates verification, reduces compliance risks, and accelerates candidate placements. Discover your potential savings with Praos today.


Discover how our automated nurse credentialing solution can transform your staffing agency's compliance process for both Allied Nursing and registered nurses (RN).

Advanced Automation

Our advanced automation technology quickly verifies licenses, performs primary source verifications, and monitors credentials in real time. This ensures that your agency and healthcare professionals remain compliant at all times.

Efficient Compliance Management

By automating the credentialing process, Praos reduces manual workload, eliminates paperwork errors, and ensures that healthcare professionals are always up-to-date with their licenses and certifications—enabling smoother placements and reducing time-to-fill metrics.

Simplified Verification

Praos integrates with licensing databases and verification systems to allow for seamless verification of nurse credentials with just a few clicks. Our user-friendly interface makes the entire process intuitive and efficient, while enhancing your agency’s compliance standards.

Job Board

Learn more about how our branded job board can enhance your agency's recruitment efforts.

Custom Branding

With Praos, you can customize your job board with your agency's branding, logo, and colors. Create a seamless extension of your brand identity while fostering trust and recognition among candidates and clients.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Our branded nurse job board offers candidates an intuitive and user-friendly platform to explore job opportunities, filter search results based on preferences, and seamlessly apply for positions. This results in higher engagement and satisfaction levels.

Integration and Implementation

Praos integrates seamlessly with Bullhorn, enabling swift implementation of your branded nurse job board. Whether you choose the Bullhorn integration or opt for our standalone option, our team ensures a smooth transition with ongoing support to optimize your recruitment process.

Shift Scheduling

Discover how our shift scheduling tools allow you and the facilities you work with to manage and approve shifts for per-diem workers in a single platform, instantly.

In-app Scheduling and Timecards

You can self-schedule shifts and approve timecard all in the mobile app.

Improved Speed

Scheduling tools help improve fill rates. Facilities and staffing agencies have direct access to schedules, submitting the best candidates instantly and allowing clinicians to apply and accept the shifts.

Instantaneous Approvals and Consolidated Workloads

Shift scheduling tools allow you to view jobs in an easy-to-use calendar view with a preview of the best qualified candidates so you can apply, submit them instantly and approve timecards all in one place.

Professional Briefcase

Discover how our briefcase is the one source of truth for all HR documents, conveniently located and accessible from a single platform.

Clinician Profile Management

Our portable HR file keeps all your essential documents and certifications organized and secure in one location that’s accessible for recruiters and facilities.

Simplified Onboarding

Praos simplified the application process with a free, secure Professional Briefcase to store your document in a single app. Clinicians are on the go and don’t have time to manage multiple platforms with multiple documents.

Your Professional Briefcase

Build your free, secure Professional Briefcase to store your resume, certifications, and health screens all in one easy-to-access mobile location.

Mobile App

Discover the capabilities of a platform all built into a native mobile app.

White-labeled App

Engage clinicians with a white-labeled app that highlights your jobs. Manage the entire process from onboarding to redeploy in a custom app.

Speed and Convenience

Healthcare professionals are on the go and need a mobile app to access and manage their schedules. Our clients place over 90% of their candidates through the Praos app.

Up and Running in Weeks

Implement, don’t invent. With our easy to implement white-labeled app, we can have you up and running in weeks. Our seamless integration allows for zero downtime.

Increased Speed to Submission

Comprehensive Candidate Profiles

Make more informed decisions by diving deep into candidate profiles to access comprehensive information about skills, experience, and credentials.


Advanced Search Functionality

Utilize advanced search functionality to ensure a tailored recruitment process by pinpointing candidates based on specific criteria—such as specialty, experience level, and location.


Seamless Communication Tools

Enjoy instant communication with candidates through integrated messaging tools that streamline interactions and foster a positive candidate experience throughout the hiring journey.

The Impact We’ve Had

Explore the impact of our cutting-edge healthcare staffing agency software.


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Discover a modern approach to hiring that saves time and resources while ensuring quality placements.

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Sword + Shield

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