Spire Workforce Solutions, a staffing agency specializing in travel nursing, was seeing success, but challenged in scaling to the next level and competing with larger, more established players.

The Problem:

Like many smaller agencies, recruiters had to do everything manually – post jobs, reach out to candidates, collect candidate information, alert nurses of opportunities, etc. This cut down on the time they could invest in building relationships. Spire was looking to increase their recruiter productivity as well as provide a seamless and credible nurse experience on par with the leading tech-enabled marketplaces.

The Solution:

Spire evaluated a number of digital tools to address these issues, but other options only solved part of the problem. Praos offered an all-in-one solution for Spire to immediately transform their operations.

  • The user-friendly job board enabled the client to post all available positions to drive better sourcing
  • The Professional Briefcase® housed critical nurse information in one place with automated reminders for candidates to complete
  • Automated workflows eliminated manual tasks for recruiters, like license verification and job alerts
  • Integration with the existing ATS unlocked a seamless transition for internal staff
  • An always-on self-serve platform gave nurses the transparency and flexibility they seek

The Results:

  • 70% of inbound leads converted into license-verified, onboarding ready candidates, up from 3-4%
  • 3x the number of quality applicants being sourced
  • 80% reduction in recruiter time spent on pre-hire process
  • Near real-time responses for posted jobs

“Before Praos Health, we were a traditional 2005 staffing firm. We did everything manually. Praos Health brought us into the digital age, introducing technology to automate the stuff that recruiters don’t want to do. Now we have our time back to spend with our nurses. Praos Health can help any healthcare staffing agency level the playing field with the larger competitors.”

Mike J., Founder and Managing Partner, Spire Workforce Solutions