How To Keep Your Nursing Credentials Organized

We know life gets crazy and the last thing you want on your mind is your paperwork. There’s a better way! Getting organized has never been easier with your very own Professional Briefcase®!

What is the Professional Briefcase®?

The Professional Briefcase is a safe, cloud storage solution for your professional information that showcases all of your credentials (license, specialty, certifications, skills, education, and resume), your work history, and a snapshot of your relevant personal information.

What are the benefits of the Professional Briefcase®?

Praos Health uses the information in your briefcase to send you alerts and reminders for expiring licenses, certifications, and documents, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with renewals.

The Professional Briefcase is also a valuable tool for backing up your professional data to avoid losing information when your PC or mobile device is damaged. Your data is always backed up and secure, and it will never be shared with a third party.

Ready To Get Started?

The Professional Briefcase is simple to use, keep updated, and is available to you for free! Sign up now to create your briefcase.

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