5 Tips To Achieve Work-Life Balance As a Nurse

Nursing is an ultra-rewarding career, but the hours, demands, and stress that remain with you even when you leave work can create burnout and an imbalance in your life. The care you provide for your patients is impeccable, but you don’t have the energy to play with your kids or remember the last time you took time for yourself. We get it, and there’s a better way.

The first step to finding work-life balance as a nurse is to recognize your workload. Whether the hours each week are becoming overwhelming or the 12+ hour shifts are leaving you drained, it’s time to find a new approach.

Stress Less As A Nurse

While you may not be able to control each aspect of your job, it’s important to acknowledge the areas where you do have some say so.

  • Learn to say “no.” As a natural caregiver, it’s easy to get lost in wanting to take care of everyone, but you need to be intentional about declining certain obligations. It’s ok to let a team member, supervisor, or PTA president know that you’re not available for a new project, an extra shift, or the weekend bake sale.
  • Let technology help you. If you’re ready to take a hands-on approach to the shifts you work and the pay you receive, connect with Praos Health. The Praos Health platform for nurses allows you to choose which shifts are best for you, maintain your license and credentials, and receive feedback on performance.
  • Examine your habits. You’re a nurse, so you knew it was coming. It’s time to take a look at what you’re eating, your activity level, and your sleep habits. You likely preach it daily, but are you following a healthy diet, moderate exercise, and at least seven hours of sleep each night? If not, take a look at what you can change. You may need to meal prep for the week or set a time when all electronics go off and you rest.
  • Stop doing everyone’s work. If you live by the mantra, “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” it’s time for a mental makeover. You don’t have the time (or the mental bandwidth) to handle everyone’s job. Whether at work or home, allow others to complete their own tasks or chores, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  • Take a “time out” when possible if things get overwhelming. Take a deep breath and a step back to see the big picture. This one task is not overwhelming. Walk away from the situation if you need a moment to regain focus.

Keep your goals and desires in mind. Take steps toward creating a personal life that allows you to destress and appreciate your time away from nursing. At Praos Health, we aim to create online tools that help you build a work-life balance. It is possible to love nursing and have a life outside your career. Let us help you get started!

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