Our Mission

Empowering clinicians to do their best work and organizations to deliver the best patient care.

Our goal is to streamline and simplify healthcare staffing through balance and transparency.
By connecting organizations with credentialed nursing resources in real-time, we are creating a sustainable hiring model which balances the work-life needs of nurses and labor cost efficiencies for organizations by staffing to actual demand.

Our Story

Praos Health is a convergence of social movement and technological innovation.

It’s a personal journey for founder Rohini Bochaton, whose late mother was a nurse who had to sacrifice seeing her children for years while pursuing her career. Recognizing the need to balance family and the rigorous demands of nursing, Praos Health was created to empower nurses ‐ who are mostly women ‐ with the freedom and flexibility to stay connected and continue serving their community.

The Praos Professional Briefcase was designed with the nurse in mind. The platform provides education, credential management, and nursing resources through all stages of their life, making it easy for them to manage their career regardless of their employment status.

It’s also an understanding of the challenges that hospitals face in optimizing their largest spend ‐ labor ‐ in the face of fluctuating demand and the impact it has on patient care. We listened.

Our goal as a team of passionate technologists and healthcare professionals is to better serve healthcare organizations with their internal workforce optimization and access digitally verified, credentialed, external talent, positioning our partners to leverage future liquid workforce trends.

Our patent-pending platform automates the license verification, credential management, hiring, attendance, supervision, performance reporting, payment and regulatory survey documentation processes for healthcare staffing.

Through the automation of staffing workflows, incorporation of regulatory and compliance requirements, and utilizing an on-demand solution we are transforming the healthcare staffing model.

Healthcare staffing on-demand. Healthcare staffing reimagined®.