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Work that fits your lifestyle

Smart Healthcare Staffing®

Reduce costs and improve patient care with qualified healthcare professionals on demand.


Higher Rate
Staff based on

Fill shifts exactly when you need: just-in-time or months in advance.

Higher Rate
made simple

Daily automated primary source verification eliminates compliance risks.

Higher Rate
Cost effective &

You set the rate.
Engage and review nurses.

Enterprise Setup

Branded portal
and a secure App

Every organization has a unique footprint. Customize with logos, photos, URLs, and descriptions to attract talent. Easy setup of departments, training documents, and onboarding of end users.

Simple and Easy Registratio
Select Shifts that Work for You


Select level of authority and privileges with user-based roles


Incorporate processes that work for you. Enable schedulers to post the shift, request approvals from department heads, provide a heads-up to IT, and assign supervision.

Select Shifts that Work for You

Express Screen

Detailed review of professional documentation for

Express decisions

View candidate profiles, credentials, skills checklists, ratings, and more. Still have questions? Chat and call in app. Anytime access and easy retrieval of securely stored documents for regulatory surveys.

Simple and Easy Registratio
Work and Get Paid
On-site job management


Easily fill your shifts from lists of qualified applicants. Evaluate on-the-job performances and rate your nurses. Post new shifts or edit existing ones instantly. 100% online and no paperwork required.

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