Work that fits your lifestyle

Praos Health is an online and mobile app service that matches you instantly with open shifts that fit your profile. Your area of practice, orientation status, specialty, and certifications must meet the job requirements.

You can work when you want and where you want, choosing your shift based on rate, schedule, and desired work preferences.

You can join Praos in one of two ways:

  1.  You may be invited to complete your profile and use the app by your healthcare organization.
  2. You may also register directly on or the app, to use the career and credential management tools. It is absolutely FREE!


How does it work?

Register for Praos Health via the mobile app or website, or you may be invited by your organization to use the Praos service.

Complete your professional profile, credentials, and work preferences.

We perform the necessary background and credential verification checks.

Get notified of shifts instantly.

  • Shifts that match your profile, skills, and work preferences are sent to you via text, email, and in-app notifications, as soon as they are posted.
  • You can communicate directly with the staffing manager and receive 100% of the hourly shift rate.
  • Orientation shifts are posted like regular shifts and may include in-app phone screening.

For job postings, staffing managers are instantly alerted and can view your online profile. Both parties can chat or talk to each other via the app.

Hiring managers can authorize your shift with a single click.

  • The shift is automatically scheduled on your calendar and you will receive an e-orientation package.
  • Orientation requirements vary by facility and may be a combination of on-site and e-orientation.
  • Once confirmed, receive shift reminders and get driving directions when you are en route to work.

You can clock in and out of your shift via the app.

  • Your supervisor will be notified and will approve your time stamp.
  • Both you and the organization have the option to provide reviews once the shift is completed.
  • Your paycheck is automatically deposited into your bank account.

Do what you love doing.

For better pay, freedom, and flexibility.

The Praos Professional Briefcase® helps you maintain your career essentials in a single, secure location.

Store credential information, certification documents, your competencies, and everything you need to work. You will receive automatic renewal alerts for stored credentials ensuring that they are never out of date.

Enjoy FREE CEUs, discounts for nursing resources like scrubs and shoes. The Professional Briefcase® is yours to keep – no matter where you go or what you do.

We protect your privacy every step of the way. Your data is under your control, and is never shared with a third party unless you authorize it.

With Praos, you are in control

Click ‐ Work ‐ Get Paid. It’s that simple.

Simple, transparent, and streamlined staffing – designed with you in mind.