Credential verification for efficient healthcare staffing

Instant Primary Source Credentialing

It’s time to experience the ease of compliance management. Our advanced proprietary software automates credentialing – taking care of the entire process. No more manually verifying license information or tracking when licenses expire.

Welcome to a New Era of Efficiency

Introduces a new level of control over compliance

Eliminates the need for manual verification

Substantially reduces the risk of compliance-related issues

Accelerates candidate placements

What’s included with licensing as a service

Transform The Way Your Staffing Agency Handles Compliance

Initial Primary Source Verification

with e-Notify NCSBN / Nursys


Real-Time Verification

to include Nursys QuickConfirm with candidate submissions


Daily Verification

to safeguard against license expiration while on assignment



provides same-day visibility into critical changes to licensing status



to choose different frequencies for
clinicians not on assignment


Single Source of Truth

for all license information, including expiration dates and timestamped QuickConfirm reports


How Automation Eases the Compliance Burden


Automation Can Revolutionize Your Healthcare Credentialing

Staffing agencies in the healthcare industry face unique challenges and pain points. To address these issues and drive agency success, modern technology solutions offer clear and concise benefits. Take a deep dive and discover how it can positively impact your agency.

Ready to Eliminate The Manual Madness?

Win with Praos continuous compliance and create a more efficient, reliable, and patient-centric approach to healthcare staffing. 

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