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Mobilize Your Nursing Workforce

Ancient Greek for balance of power, Praos brings balance and transparency to healthcare staffing and patient care. By directly connecting professionals to healthcare organizations, nurses are empowered with the flexibility to choose the shifts they want with the premium rates they deserve.

Our patent pending platform automates the license verification, credential management, hiring, attendance, supervision, performance reporting, payment and regulatory survey documentation processes for healthcare staffing.

Healthcare organizations save costs by using Praos’s technology for their own internal resource pool (IRP) and can expand to a vetted and oriented nurse marketplace, fulfilling shifts exactly when they need, at the rate that they set.


Earn more. Find balance. Make a difference.

Higher Rate
Choice of premium shifts

Easily view available per diem shifts matched to your professional profile.

Higher Rate
Work on your terms

Choose your own flexible schedule, preferred rate, and favorite facilities.

Higher Rate
Opportunity and Freedom

Try new facilities and locations without minimum contracts. No deductions or fees.

Cost effective. Timely. Compliant.

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs

Eliminate middlemen. Engage directly to attract qualified and vetted professionals.

Fill shifts on time
Fill shifts on time

Post PRN jobs in seconds. Receive quick responses. No more last minute calling and wait time.

Compliance made simple

TJC required primary source verification. Daily checks. Easy access to documentation.


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