Your Guide to Digital Transformation Success

Digital transformation is here to stay, but how do you know when it’s the right time to make the switch? Our digital transformation roadmap and partner selection process will help you uncover your path to success.

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Digital Transformation Roadmap


Competitor Review

Pay attention to what your competitors are doing. SIA reports a median revenue increase of 20% for firms utilizing a staffing app or platform.

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Identify Challenges

Identify and assess the challenges in your business. Manual processes and outdated workflows may be impacting submission rates, time-to-fill, and credentialing verification delays, leading to loss of revenue.


Embrace Change, Defy Stagnancy

Determine the key processes that need updating and assess the potential cost implications if they are not addressed.


Internal Assessment

Conduct an internal review of current processes. Identify areas to enhance, automate, or eliminate. Gain clarity on best practices and metrics needed to deliver growth.

Partner Evaluation

Identify partners that align with your values. Assess how each solution addresses your challenges. Opt for a platform integrated with your ATS to drive automation and remove friction from the

You’ve embraced change and are ready to grow. But, what’s next? Choosing the right partner!<br />

You’ve embraced change and are ready to grow. But, what’s next?


 Choosing the right partner!

Before you begin your selection process, you should generate a list of questions to ask your potential partners. The selection process is the next step in your path toward digital transformation. Check out our 8 questions to ask before choosing a platform partner

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Win More Deals

In a world where technology is reshaping the healthcare staffing landscape, the key to success lies in embracing digital transformation. Listen to our latest webinar where leading staffing firms share their experiences and insights on how digital innovation has propelled them to compete with elite staffing agencies and place more clinicians.

Find Your Growth Catalyst!

Seek a partner who addresses your business challenges and aligns with your company values. Identifying a growth catalyst will help you scale for growth and take you from attract to hire and beyond.

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