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Work that fits your lifestyle


Stand-alone Or Integrated.

Maximize Fill Rates By Notifying Available Labor Pools

Use the Praos platform to post your open shifts in one of three ways:

Your internal nurses

Marketplace nurses

Both your internal nurses & the Marketplace

You can even choose on a shift-by-shift basis

If you set the nurse pool for your job to…

* Note, in all cases your internal nurses will not see jobs from other hospitals, and their nurses will not see any of your jobs


Unit nurses, float pool, PRNs, or external nurses.

Platform Overview

Feature Internal PRN Marketplace
Web and Mobile App Yes Yes
Nurse Addition Facility Admin Praos Health
Nurse Management Dashboard Yes NA
Payments Facility Stripe and Bold Payment options
Job Rate Set by facility Set by facility
Job Matching Facility rules engine Marketplace
NLC Support Yes Yes
Profile Matching: Credentials, Skills, etc. Yes Yes
Nurse Work Preferences Yes Yes
Professional Briefcase Yes Yes
In-App Calling & Chat Yes Yes
Daily PSV for Licenses Yes Yes
Credential Management Yes Yes
Event documentation & Reviews Yes, by any authorized user. Anytime. Yes, by job poster and supervisor. At job completion.
TJC HCSS Performance Metric Yes Yes
No-Shows / Cancel Tracking Yes Yes
CE Courses and Resources Yes Yes
Custom Competencies Yes NA
Orientation Shifts NA Yes
Centralized & Decentralized Job Posting Yes Yes
Remote Work Location Yes Yes
Remote Supervision, Tracking, & Time Stamps Yes Yes
Shift-Based Instructions Yes Yes
e-Orientation Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes

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