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Flexibility and Control in Filling Open Shifts Cost-Effectively

Why use an on-demand staffing platform?

Your healthcare facility needs quality contingent labor at the right time to keep a lean operation running smoothly. Filling last-minute open shifts to manage increased patient census, nurse vacancies, or last-minute sick calls is both challenging and expensive. With costly overtime, agency nurses, and travelers, staffing costs add up quickly and impact your bottom line.

What if you could find quality staff easily, at your rates, with the right skills, at the time you need them? With Praos Health, you can.

The JUST-IN-TIME solution

Mobilize your nursing workforce. Through mobile app based recruitment and onboarding, automation of staffing workflows, and a user experience similar to a rideshare app, we make it easy for your internal resource pool and external Praos Marketplace nurses to find opportunities and meet your staffing needs — immediately and in a compliant manner.

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More Team. Less Work. Timely Care.

More team

More Team

Expand Availability with Choice of Nurse Pools

Find quality talent to boost fill rates by choosing directly from your

  • Internal nurse pool
  • Nurse pools shared across multiple locations
  • Oriented nurses from the Praos Marketplace

You can also staff Clinic, Hospice, or Telehealth services in addition to your central facility openings.

Less Work

Take Your HR files Anywhere with nurses’ professional briefcases®

Maintain a 360 degree view into nurse credentials, compliance status, and documentation, through the nurse self-managed portal. Mobile access enables candidate screening and instant communication, helping you make timely decisions, even on the go.

Take Your HR files Anywhere with Your Professional Briefcase
More team

Timely Care

Get Faster Responses and make Express Decisions

At Praos Health, we provide more than self-scheduling services. Praos instantly:

  • Notifies nurses who have the required credentials for your shifts
  • Reduces response times via in-app job application and approval
  • Removes the frustration of texting and calling your resource pool

With access to the applicant’s Professional Briefcase®, you can select candidates quickly and easily when you need them most.

Automated license verification and credential management

Select Shifts that Work for You


Peace of Mind with continuous compliance

Praos automates license verification and credential management. Multiple expiration reminders encourage staff to renew, which minimizes lapses and intervention by supervisors while protecting your facility. In addition to alerts, automatic primary source verification (PSV) of licenses is run on a daily basis. This process checks for license validity and any disciplinary actions, ensuring ineligible staff are automatically blocked from filling shifts and helping you stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws.




Avoid contingent staffing cost overhead by selecting applicants directly from your choice of local nurse pools.

With direct rate-setting, transparency and better control of your finances has never been easier.

Join us for a brief web-based demo and let’s talk about how we can help you staff efficiently, lower costs, and maintain compliance.